Suske and Wiske

Suske and Wiske - The suffering Leiden!It is a story that I like to tell my Spanish friends. The story on how the city where I was born, Leiden withstood and displaced a heavy siege by the Spanish occupiers. After sending the Spanish back home they left an empty encampment which contained a big pot of hutspot, a dish made with potatoes, carrots, onions and a smoked sausage.

Every year on the 3rd of October every inhabitant of Leiden celebrates and usually eats hutspot. I also try and keep this tradition in honor, even thou I moved to a different country and it is difficult to find a smoked sausage here.

The nice news is that a Suske and Wiske comic is being published. The topic is the suffering Leiden. I used to be a bog fan of the Suske and Wiske series and although I stopped reading around the comic number 200 I will for sure get this one (number 314). I wonder if Suske and Wiske will still be the same or if commercial interest have also entered the world of these comics.

The story should be placed around the year 1574, so for sure some time travel will be involved. On the cover I see the strong Jerommeke looking like a Spaniard who is just preparing a typical pot of green hutspot. I am curious about the recipe, because normally the color is orange. Suske and Wiske are with the underdog, the people of Leiden, who for sure will end up victorious. For sure it will be a classical story.

If you are also curious you will need to be patient. In august the new album will be released, although you can already pre-order it at the october 3rd association.

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