This night it was perfect weather and I was a man with a mission. Prevent my father to bake a typical Spanish delicacy while if should be eaten and enjoyed raw. This just had to be prevented. This combination of factors made me bicycle to the emmastraat and what I found exceeded my wildest expectations …

A gigantic plant!!!
Enormous marihuana plant!

A Dutch song about marihuana (translated to English for your convenience)

Doe maar – Nederwiet

This is a song about a plant
a green plant, a pretty plant
a nice smalling plant, a big, a strong
yes, a useful plant
It is about the Cannabis sativa ‘Hollandica’
or Nederwiet – wiedewiedewiet – yesyes

We start with the seed
the good seeds are from a plant
that has at least three generations
in Holland growing and flowering
Some people say seven
but that is an issue of faith, i believe
but you can figure it out, okay
the good seeds you put in
March April May in the ground
germinate and stuff
is only rushing things
the plant knows best
when to start growing
so just leave them be
it will be okay
it will be beautiful nederwiedewiedewiedewiet
just as good as congo indonesia acapulco colombia

And now patience
let then grow slowly
the plant is still small
encourage it with your kind words
and it will grow bigger
and bigger and bigger
and even bigger and bigger and bigger
and thicker
and the it is September
and time to harvest
the females with the seeds
and/or flowers you take inside
and you put them on the ground or
hangs them up side down on the ceiling
and then wait 1 2 3 and a half month
until it’s dry and when it’s dry
then comes the most important of the Cannabis Sattiva Hollandica
cleaning out the leaves
This causes a headache, for me
the leaves, they give you a concrete head
so these leaves, you throw away
and you only smoke the covers
of the seeds and/or the flowers
and this will not give you a concrete head
and this will not give you headache
and this will not make you dizzy
but makes you so high
like a Flemish parrot,
thats our own nederwiet
for this we don’t need anyone in far lands
to sit in jail
nederwiet nederwiet nederwiet
and this it the end of this song

5 thoughts on “Enormous

  1. zo dane wie weet er waar ik nederwiet ken hale
    die plant is klein vergeleken wat ik hep :P

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