Que vida más perra

Spaanse Lifestyle!It was truely a great week. Not only did I get to visit a great city, but I also got to live the spanish lifestyle for a week! I visited a spanish birthday, witnessed a wedding, ate a little piggy, had to re-adjust my biological clock, had siesta’s, ate tapas, drank calimocho‘s and Jose Cuervo, went to tikkie takkie, ate wierd blood sausage at a great bbq, saw a donkey, saw the prado museum, learned a little spanish and much much more!
Muchas gracias!!!!!

And the wierdest thing.. I left with more presents than I arrived with!? Ofcourse there are lots of pictures!

4 thoughts on “Que vida más perra

  1. Claro, Adri, claro…

    Good work with the photo…
    Let me have a look into the rest of the website…


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