Native American

Indian!Sometimes you just fold over laughing about absolutely nothing. Laughing so hard you start to cry and when you realize you are laughing about nothing it’s just more funny.

Last week my friends from Chicago were visiting, and they pointed out to me that my downstairs neighbors have a little plate on the door with their names on it. In addition to their names there is a very prominent picture of a native American, an Indian. Of course I had seen the sign, but I never really thought about it. The family living in the apartment could not be less related to any native American.

The initial discovery of the name sign resulted in a good laugh, but now, every time I pass the totally incorrect sign with the Native American I start to laugh.

It is just too funny that a typical Dutch lower class family, a husband, a wife, three children and three dogs somehow for some strange reason placed a sing with their names and an Indian on their door. I suspect they selected the Indian because it is a very colorful image, but it still remains such a funny mystery. I think I’ll just go and have another look. :-p

1 thought on “Native American

  1. Echt humor als je je jaren lang afvraagt wat voor interessante familie er zou wonen bij dat indianenbord, en dat er dan zo’n familie Tokkie blijkt te zitten.

    Ik heb ook zo’n iemand in de gang met een rare poster. Geen idee wie daar woont, maar ik beeld me nu nog in dat er een lekker ding woont.

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