It is a tradition to look back at the end of a year and draw the conclusions you see fit. This year this tradition was even formalized and given a deadline for tomorrow, the 12th of December. All the family members have been asked to write a little piece about the last year which will be bundled in the Berg family chronicle 2004 (a very nice initiative). Of course I also did my part. When I look back I look back at a fantastic year that has passed. I enjoyed two vacations in the snow, one week skiing in France and one week in the Czech republic. But there was more…

After a few month I made a big decision. One that would change my life. I quit my job without having any alternative. I brought my letter of resignation the last day of the month to my employer Daidalos, while facing a very uncommon Dutch snowstorm. There were cars piled up against trees and on the side of the road because of the slippery roads. Nature was screaming to me not to resign, but I was determined.

Once unemployed an incredible happiness came over me. I read a lot of books, ran the half marathon in Leiden, partied a lot, etc. etc. but slowly after a few month boredom started to catch up with me. In another impulse I made another decision and called a traveling agency. A week later I was in New York with a rental car, my visa card and a ticket back home from San Fransisco.

Traveling for two months through the US was a fantastic experience. An experience that will surely have an effect for a long time. I have seen a lot, experienced a lot and met a lot of (sometimes strange) people.

After my adventure in America I went home again. Relaxing for some time until suddenly a job was looking for me. It was like the world was turned up side down, all thanks to my resume that was posted online. As a result the last two months of the year I could start working for myself at the ministry of transport.

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  1. Bedankt voor je verslag. Ik heb ook enkele foto’s van je site afgehaald om er bij te plaatsen. Wat een prachtige foto’s zitten erbij. Must be the time of your live!
    Groetjes ook van Hans

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