Worms – The Ultimate Revenge

This is a cool little game in which you play a hungry little worm. It is the players job to feed the little worm with all kinds of goodies.

Here are a few screenshots to give you an impression of the game. This game is DOS based.



Each level (there are about 8 or so) has a different layout.
There are two players. One green and one red. In the top of the screen are the two players. Before the playername is the number of lives. Behind the playername is the current score. You can move the worm with the cursor keys. If the second player is the computer it will move automatically. If the second player is a human, then the keys to move the player are displayed before you start to play.

Simply download unzip the file. Then run ‘worms.exe’.

Download Worms (zip file)
Download Worms including sources (zip file, not needed if you only want to play the game)

I made this game using C++.

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