One week challenge – Tuesday

This is a post for my one week challenge.

[07:00] Again the same ritual. Wake up, kids, car, work. This is exactly the same as yesterday, except for an additional stop at the hospital where I drop off Ana for her work. Yesterday there was no need, because the day before yesterday she has a 24hour shift, so she was already there.

[08:20] Punch in

[12:50] My daily cappuccino was a bit of a disappointment. I suspect that someone before me tried to use a recyclable capsule. These are capsules that you fill up yourself with coffee, and afterwards you clean it and you can use it again. Much better for the environment, but at the same time much worse for the machine (and much worse for the next person, in this case me). The ‘dolce gusto’ injects the water into the capsule with quite a bit of pressure, and the recyclable capsule could not handle this pressure and this resulted in the entire machine covered in old coffee grounds. My cappuccino was likewise covered with a bit of these coffee grounds. Well, at least we had a good laugh and my coffee was only visually affected. It still tasted pretty good as usual.

[16:20] Punch out, head home.

[17:30] Alan has his very first English class! (Just like Alex at Tiny Tots)

[18:30] Alan finishes his first class, and he left the class pretty happy. During the class I went running. We head back home. I take a shower and wash all the running sweat off me.

[19:30] Alex Engels (at Tiny tots)

[20:30] Alex finishes his class. Head home. I did not run again, but instead I went for a walk.

[20:50] Home again. Ana informed about Alan at his English class (Ana indicated in a subtle manner that Alan has lots of contact/experience with different languages. He understands Dutch, and speaks it a little bit. He understands English, because everything he watches on TV/YouTube is in English, so we expect Alan to dominate his English class without even breaking a sweat), and the was pomptly promoted to a higher level! After only one class. Very good! Kids eat, pyjama’s, brush teeth, bathroom, review homework, another mini massage for Alan, and to sleep.

[22:15] Take a shower. Update this blog. A little exercise, read a bit of reddit, give my trail installation of publisher a test, and to sleep.

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