Vegas is cool!!!! I remember that when we went skiing last year (or the year before) and Mark (v.) and I could drink quite a lot of Margaritas. Here is Vegas it is a different story. I bought a Margarita because you got a nice Vegas souvenir glass (plastic) with it but it proved to be nearly 2 liters of Margarita, and they did not mind to add plenty of alcohol. Right now I’m pretty wasted, because since I’m in the USA I lost my tolerance for high levels of alcohol. Still, I do have the nice glass, so the next cocktail night I’ll be the man!

In Las Vegas it is very very hot. Every time I get out of the car, or I leave an air conditioned casino it is like you are hit in the face hard by a hot towel. 100+ Degrees Fahrenheit seems to be normal here. Argh!

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