Zion is no more

Yesterday after climbing up the highest mountain (Observation Point) in Zion I went on with my journey. The mountain I climbed was 6000+ feet high and when I reached the top I was quite beat. I did make some photos as proof that I reached the top. I had prepared myself well with lots of water and energy pills… but I noticed that the lack of sleep I experienced yesterday is not very good for climbing a mountain.

I really adored the Zion national park. It was fantastic. Tonight I will spend the night nearby in st. George, and afterwards I’ll head over to Sin City, aka Las Vegas!!!! Of course to make lots and lots of money!

proof that I was on top of the mountain… (big image) (I cannot resize it here)
proof that I was really beat on top of the mountain (big image) (same reason)

2 thoughts on “Zion is no more

  1. Niet te geloven! Hij disturbt de seal! Heb je nu een boete gekregen van 250 dollar? :)

  2. Hahahaah, jaja, ik heb die seal ff flink gedisturbed! Maar gelukkig heb ik mijn vuile daad uitgevoerd toen ik nog net wat energie over had, zodat ik snel weg kon rennen van de plek des onheils :-D

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