Pyrenees and the south of France

Pictures of Spain and France!After our visit to Egypt we visited the Pyrenees during a nice trip by car. From the Spanish side we drove over to the south of France and after visiting a number of sites we returned to Spain. Our trip took us past towns like San Sebastian, Pau, Lourdes (yes!), Gavarnie and Bayonne.

The food in France was absolutely delicious. We visited very typical France restaurants with very good food and equally good wine. We saw a lot of nature and made long hikes the the wild, enjoying nature at its best. In Lourdes I got quite a lot of water (you never know) and afterwards we visited the snow. A lot of pictures of this trip can be found in my Spain/France album.

2 thoughts on “Pyrenees and the south of France

  1. Nou dat ziet er goed uit zeg! Ben je niet ziek geworden van die paddestoelen? :)

  2. Heb zojuist ‘even’ al jullie foto’s bekeken. GEWELDIG! Schitterende natuur en cultuur. Ook Egypte ziet er gaaf uit, maar mijn voorkeur gaat toch uit naar de foto’s uit de PyreneĆ«en.

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