Ajebe DatePad 2.4

DatePad 2.4A new and improved version of DatePad is available now! DatePad combines the power of a calendar with the ease of a text editor. DatePad is a simple and easy multi-purpose application which can be used in a surprisingly large number of ways.

The main function of DatePad is to store text which is specific to a certain date or time. In addition to editing text related to years, months, days and/or times it is possible to calculate with dates and times and create notifications of upcoming future events.

DatePad 2.4 is available in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. New to this version is the addition of formatting functions. You can now add style, colors and even small pictures to your entries.

DatePad is freeware, this means you can download the installer package of the brand new DatePad 2.4 for free. Don’t forget to read more about this version in the documentation.

Please support DatePad by making a donation. This will ensure that DatePad keeps getting the attention it deserves with updated, bugfixes and new features.

Donate 15 euros*

Donate any other amount*

* Donations are made out to adrieberg@gmail.com which is me, Adrie Berg, the author of DatePad. After you have made a donation I will add you to the list of people supporting DatePad.

DatePad, to keep a record of … everything.

12 thoughts on “Ajebe DatePad 2.4

  1. At work I have 64bit computer using Vista and your software is not compatible. Will this be fixed anytime soon?

  2. I’ve been using DatePad for quite awhile and I’m running into the same thing. I think it’s using a 16 bit installer because most 32 bit applications I’ve tried in Vista64 work. It’s only the installer tripping things up. Can you provide just a zipped folder instead?

  3. DatePad sounds like exactly what I need. Unfortunately, I am running Windows 7 64-bit and it won’t install/run. Any chance you will come out with a 64-bit version soon?

  4. Since I dont have a 64bit operating system it will not be possible for me to test the program. Maybe in the future when I get a Windows7 64 bit machine I will make a working version.

  5. Datepad really fit a need for me, I used it as a daily diary.
    I really miss it now, when I have 64b windows 7. I tried the zip as well, but didnt get it to work.

  6. For Win 7 64 bit there may be a way. The ultimate version should be able to run these programs, and the Home Premium versions can download the “Windows XP Mode with Virtual PC”:

    products compare


  7. I have been working on it, but I think there is very little interest. What I will do is I will pick up the development if I get 2 or more comments here (below this one) this year.

  8. I’m for it! Love your app! and would love to get it workiing under windows 10!

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