Alex and the fish!We love to go the the beach, and we’re lucky because there are lots of beaches nearby. Both Ana and I prefer a nice sandy beach. Handy for putting up the parasol, and great for relaxing in the sand. The only bad thing it that a little bit of wind can cover you with a thin layer of sand that is impossible to remove, except by jumping into the cold ocean.

Alex on the other hand prefers a rocky beach. The perfect place for walking around with a little net catching everything that moves. Shrimp, little fish, crabs, ec.

Recently Alex caught a little fish. It ended up it his little bucket, and the good times started. First he got a big scare when he put his hand in the water and the fish touched him, but this changed with amazing speed. Soon Alex was playing with the fish and the little fish became more and more tired, until we released him back into the ocean.

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