Spam sucks so I made this dynamic post! Click to experience the spammers-revenge.‘ . $onderwerp1[mt_rand(0, count($onderwerp1) – 1)] . ‘, ‘ . $onderwerp2[mt_rand(0, count($onderwerp2) – 1)] . ‘, ‘ . $onderwerp3[mt_rand(0, count($onderwerp3) – 1)] . ‘, ‘ . $onderwerp4[mt_rand(0, count($onderwerp4) – 1)] . ‘, ‘ . $onderwerp5[mt_rand(0, count($onderwerp5) – 1)] . ‘ and you name it.’;
$zin5 = array(“Often in various unfamiliar languages.”,
“Usually in English, but also in French, Chinese, German or Russian.”,
“Always up to the brim with mistakes in language or style or just plain unreadable.”,
“Usually the spam comments are written in a ” . $woord1[mt_rand(0, count($woord1) – 1)] . ” bad manner.”);

$zin6 = array(“I myself am not without fault. I also had a small part in sending spam, but I have seen the light and turned my back to the darkness.”,
“I have participated with these practices from the wrong side of the fence. I was the (kind of) sender of huge amounts of spam. After a very short while I have see the light and stopped these nasty practices.”,
“I have also been guilty to spamming, because during a short while I worked for an evil spammer. They send spam to get translation related work.”,
“I once worked for a translation agency where they used spam as part as their business model. It was funny that the quality (or better the lack thereof) of the translation work could be directly related to the manners in which they secured their projects.”);

$zin7 = array(“Spammers use a range of automated systems and usually a new post on this blog is directly followed by a number of spam comments. To make the comments more difficult to identify usually the text is a combination of different ever-changing sentences. This way every comment seems to be a unique text.”,
“Of course the act of spamming comments all happens automatically. When a new post is published a big number of spam robots start trying to post comments. The comments are changed every time to make it more difficult to recognise when a comment is spam or not.”);
$zin8 = array(“The result is usually ” . $woord1[mt_rand(0, count($woord1) – 1)] . ” bad, but sometimes the spam gets through the layers of protection and then the goal is achieved. If 1 out of ” . rand(100, 180) . “00 comments is actually published the objectives of the spammer are reached.”,
‘Usually the result is some messy text, but sometimes it manages to trick all the filters set up to eradicate spam, and then the comment spammers ultimate goal is achieved. If just a few of the millions of spam comments make it through it is a good result. If then just one of the millions of published comments has a sale as a result there is a profit, and it has all been worth it.’);
$zin9 = array(“It is time for revenge, and that is why I created this fight-back post. Every time the text changes so spammers don’t know they already commented on this post and they will keep on spamming forever. All the spam comment are automatically deleted, so I will just be putting the spam bots to work and that just might cost those spammers a little bit of extra cash.”,
“Now it is the time to fight back! I have created this F.U.-post with a ever changing content, and lots of links to itself. If will be difficult for a spam bot to see it is the same story all the time, and they will just keep on spamming, which eventually will cost them just a little bit more then usual.”);
$zin10 = array(“If this dynamic post cost the spammers 1.0″ . rand(1, 9) . ” cents more my job is done.”,
“If this post results in a spammer paying a single cent more I will be happy and have achieved my goal.”);

$paragraaf1 = $zin1[mt_rand(0, count($zin1) – 1)] . ” ” . $zin2[mt_rand(0, count($zin2) – 1)] . ” ” . $zin3[mt_rand(0, count($zin3) – 1)] . ” ” . $zin4 . ” ” . $zin5[mt_rand(0, count($zin5) – 1)];
$paragraaf2 = $zin6[mt_rand(0, count($zin6) – 1)];
$paragraaf3 = $zin7[mt_rand(0, count($zin7) – 1)] . ” ” . $zin8[mt_rand(0, count($zin8) – 1)];
$paragraaf4 = $zin9[mt_rand(0, count($zin9) – 1)] . ” ” . $zin10[mt_rand(0, count($zin10) – 1)];

echo “" . $title[mt_rand(0, count($title) - 1)] . "Spam!“;
echo $paragraaf1 . “

echo “

” . $paragraaf2 . “

echo “

” . $paragraaf3 . “

echo “

” . $paragraaf4;

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