2 years

Today we celebrate. Our little Alex is already two years. Time flies and Alex is growing very fast. He is doing well and so are we. Since April I have been in living in Holland so I was far away, but we have good hopes that we well be reunited in the near future. Right now we’ll have to settle with seeing each other online almost every day so out family keeps in touch.

Alex experienced another year of great advancements. During his first birthday he was still crawling through the house. Now he is running, climbing, jumping, talking in Spanish and Dutch with quite a few words, drinking his own milk and even sometimes peeing on his potty.

We are very proud of our little boy and while we can only imagine a fantastic next year we are sure Alex will surprise us again and again. We are looking forward to the next year but first today we celebrate.

For the occasion we have a very nice video of Alex singing the Spanish version of “Happy Birthday” which is called “Cumpleaños feliz”. The text is easy:

Cumpleaños feliz
cumpleaños feliz
te deseamos todos
cumpleaños feliz.

Alex made a little addition at the end. He end with a nice “Ya esta”, which means “Done”.

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