Ajebe DatePad 2.3

DatePad 2.3A new and improved version of DatePad is available now! DatePad combines the power of a calendar with the ease of a text editor. DatePad is a simple and easy multi-purpose application which can be used in a surprisingly large number of ways.

The main function of DatePad is to store text which is specific to a certain date or time. In addition to editing text related to years, months, days and/or times and calculating with dates and times this new version can supply you with notifications of upcoming future events.

DatePad is freeware, this means you can download the installer package of the brand new DatePad 2.3 for free. Don’t forget to read more about this version in the documentation.

DatePad, to keep a record of … everything.

5 thoughts on “Ajebe DatePad 2.3

  1. I use DatePad in the last couple of years and I thank you for sharing this nice software. In my opinion, the only big feature it lacks presently is handling multiple virtual databases in a single dp2 file (now the dp2 file is the database itself). In that way you could categorize the diary events in separate groups. Of course, this should come along with option to search through all the databases in the dp2 file, as well as option to export of a single database into dp2 file, rtf, xml. Some other diary programs have this features, but they lack the neatness od DatePad. Would be thrilled to see that in DatePad.

  2. Groeten van Canada,

    I like DatePad. One suggestion: When you exit without saving the file, you see:

    DatePad – Confirm close
    Yes No

    You may want to consider a “Cancel” button, too, that returns you to the app. Otherwise, if you realize you’re about to overwrite a file that you don’t want to overwrite, you’re forced to abandon your changes without a chance to save them with a different filename.

    Cheers, Ander

  3. Tenho usado desde algum tempo este software. Gosto muito.
    É pena não funcionar no windows x64Bits ou Vista x64Bits
    Quando sai nova versão?

  4. I installed all of the required software. I receive this error.
    run-time error ‘429’ activeX component cant create object.


  5. Hi, I have used DatePad for a while and find it a useful piece of software. However, a couple of comments.
    1. The Mon, Tue, Wed etc in the DatePad calendar have horizontal slashes through them. This is a bit disconcerting and certainly detracts from the otherwise clean look of the GUI.
    2. One of the previous letters comments about multiple virtual databases. This is something that I wanted and so I kept looking and found the freeware program “Advanced Diary 1.3”. This is not the pay version of this software which is 2.1 but is the last of the free versions. It HAS multiple databases within the same file and appears to do all the things that DatePad does in an almost identical layout. I find myself using Advanced Diary more and more these days and would suggest that people look at it if they need multiple databases. They certainly are useful. The text can be kept in rtf format which means you can transfer it to Word if you ever need to.

    cheers, Erik

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