1.500 Euro destroyed

Orange lucky dime!15.000 colored coins. This was the eventual number of the orange colored lucky dime. A dime that really wasn’t very lucky if you look at the recent results of the Dutch football team.

During this sale of colored coins the Dutch Royal Mint invalidated/destroyed coins with a total value of 1.500 Euros. These 1.500 Euros they colored, packaged and sold for (1.500 x 4.95 = ) 75.250 Euros. A nice profit.

Now we wait. We wait to see that the next release by the Dutch Royal Mint will be. Will they continue with coloring parts of the coins they release or will they finally realize that colored coins are still a gray area in regard to the law and when considering coin collectors.

1 thought on “1.500 Euro destroyed

  1. Het muntje heeft de knm inderdaad ‘ geluk’ gebracht, kassa dus!!!!! Dat mensen daar nog intuinen…….

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