Another weekend fulltime parent

Ana was released from the hospital with a big stack of medicines and a strict diet that will for sure result in quite some weight loss. She could go home to calm down and relax. Not following the diet will directly result is a horrific pain in her bile so she is very motivated. With the medicines it should be enough to stabilize her body so that her swollen up bile can return to a size that can be operated.

A few days things went well, but alas. Today Ana was struck by a high fever, that went towards the 39 degrees and that resulted in a quick trip to the first aid where Ana was quickly admitted to a hospital bed. Right now they are trying a different antibiotic which make breath feeding impossible.

A sad result, but there is nothing we can do about it. We are happy that the strong pains no longer appear. Whats left for me is being full time parent for the weekend, and hope everything will improve for Ana.

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