The Widow’s Revenge by Katherinne Bardales

Today I got a CD in the mail. It was something I knew was coming. A CD filled with poetry, all the way from Chicago. My friend/sister Kathy turns out to be a very good poetry writer, and her reading the poetry makes it sound even better :-). Now at least I am a little less of a culture-barbarian. Thanks a LOT!!! More reasons for me to want to see her dance also.

The Widow’s Revenge
© Katherinne Bardales

I ran away to the desert, a black shawl,
to mend my broken heart
with fuschia papelillo petals,
green flesh of cactus
and sharp fox teeth.

Many miles I walked, barefoot,
cutting open my soles with broken beer bottles
and burnt wood left from talking circles
long ago.

Layer by layer of skin I peeled off,
leaving trails of brown and pink in the sand.
With my tanned skeleton I danced in the wind
and made love to the sand dunes.

Then sun reached out with its upturned fingernails
and made my hair catch on fire.
My head, a golden flame now, turned my memory to dust.

I became speckles of copper and meteor
and the fishermen, who crossed the desert each day
to find virgin shores filled with silver eyes
sprinkled me on their fish like spice.

I made them see oases.
I made them jump in sandpits, mad with love.

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