The first two weeks

All of us with Alex!
The first two weeks have flown by. The first four days we were guests in the hospital. This was by far the worst time for both parents and child. We needed to get used to Alex and Alex needed to get used to living and to his parents. There were a lot of insecurities and Ana was still very much affected by her operation. The vast number of family visiting (even though it was meant so well) did not help us to relax.

But after a few days things went a lot better! Ana’s milk supply began to take off and Ana’s drip was removed. When we left for home (Alcorcon) we were all very happy. After this we have to learn fast, coping with a lack of sleep and coping with a responsibility we have never known.

At his birth Alex weighed 2500 grams. When we left the hospital he weighed only 2300 grams. A week later Alex had reached 2640 grams and today he weighed a very good 3000 grams!

My two weeks of holidays have passed. A part of my time of was spend arranging the mountain of paperwork that needed to be processed. The other part was spend with my new family. Very little sleep, lots of worries and uncertainty, but without doubt the most impressive and beautiful thing that ever happened to me.

The coming month I’ll be in Las Palmas, doing my job. But it feels different that it used to… my mind and thoughts are still in Madrid.

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  1. Haha….en je dacht een rustig leventje terug te hebben…..ik zou nu nog maar even lekker bijslapen, want de komende heel veel jaar zit het er niet in.

    Maar het brengt veel leuks….

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