Happy newyear!

Happy 2006!The new year is starting again. Last years good intentions have been reasonably accomplish and I enter the new year with a very good feeling.

For the family reunion (that I will miss this year) I wrote a summary covering the most important things that happened to me the last year. A nice story which makes a perfect blog post as well.

Last year was a great year. I have spend a big part of the year as a civil servant. A fun experience that I can definitely recommend anyone. I began the year in Antwerp and have visited Wengen, Prague, Prague once more, Madrid, München and Milan. The year has it’s good times and it’s not so good times. Even though sometimes people call me immature I celebrated my 30th birthday. My health is good and I still live in Leiden. I also love to visit The Hague every Friday for drinks.

Sport-wise things are going okay. I’m still continue to run every week and sometimes I run an official match. Swimming is a bit more difficult to keep up, but I’m compensating by using my bike a lot more. In the new year I hope to publish more short entries on this blog. I also hope to learn a little Spanish and maybe see some part of the world I have not seen before.

I would like to thank everyone for the nice comments the past year! I wish everyone a very good 2006! Enjoy it!

3 thoughts on “Happy newyear!

  1. Hoi Adrie,
    Hebben je ‘Nieuwjaarsrede’ gelezen en wensen jou ook een heeeeeel voorspoedig 2006 met veel geluk en leuke jobs! Jammer dat je niet op de Bergparty kunt zijn, maar ja, vakantie is ook heel belangrijk hoor! Ga je wintersporten??
    Succes ermee en pas goed op je fiets!!!
    Krijg ik nog tekst van je voor de Kroniek? Hoorden van moeder Nel dat het bij jou vandaan moest komen. Graag reactie.
    Hans en Corry

  2. Leuk verhaaltje! Hoop dat je goede voornemens voor 2006 uit zullen komen. Gelukkig nieuwjaar en alle beste wensen voor 2006 namens mij en Pascale.

  3. Buena tarde A3,
    le deseo muchos de suerte y de buena salud en 2006 y que sus deseos pueden venir verdad.

    Con respeto,

    Ps. Usted puede traducir estas palabras españolas así que su vocabulare español está creciendo. ¡Buena suerte!

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