Firemen fun & Paintball!

Paintball!Peet and Pascales bachelor parties were last Saturday. Of course I was part of the Peter group and it was surprisingly fun. First we did some firemen stuff, messing around with fire and water and afterwards… paintball!! It was the first time I was dressed in an army outfit and armed with a paint gun and it was really fun, I had a great time.

In the beginning I needed to get used to the game, but after getting hit for the first time (which hurts quite a lot) you develop a strong desire to hit the other one before getting hit. As a preparation I had a radical Industrial Nation music CD that when played very loudly put everyone in the correct mood. Everyone had to die, more so during the last game, because we also needed to spend all the bullets. And hitting someone in the groin… stuff happens. My apologies.

Here are some pictures of the firemen stuff and paintball event (the camera was on the bar). Coming Thursday is the actual wedding! Yippee!!

3 thoughts on “Firemen fun & Paintball!

  1. Ik heb net de foto’s gezien, het ziet er een stuk cooler en professioneler uit dan dat illegale paintballgebeuren in Slowakije wat ik heb meegemaakt. Deed Herman mee in zijn t-shirt? RESPECT! (leeft ie nog?)

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