Yesterday I (finally) finished Good Omens… and the book left me impressed. The moral of the story was that there will always be good and evil and there will always be a balance between the two. Good cannot exist without bad and bad cannot exist without good.

A few years ago I purchased an ebook by Scott Adams, ‘God’s Debris’. It was my first and for now last ebook. The reason I bought this book was because I wanted to try the ebook concept and see it is really useful, and I like books from Scott Adams. The first thing I did was try and see if I could hack the ebook format, and get the text in an editable form and this was actually pretty easy. With the text I made a nice little book, and this paper version I used to read the story.

But this post is not about the ebook format, it is about the contents. A content that is very similar to the Good Omens book. At least in my head. The style of writing of both authors is very different, and both stories don’t even resemble, but still I sense there is a connection. It is a strange sensation that the discovery of some kind of relation between these books makes me feel somehow special.


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