Pictures 30.10.2010

We have finally received the pictures made by the photographers. Ana was not really satisfied, but the pictures are not so bad. We now have around 5000 pictures and a pre-selection made by the photographer of around 600 pictures. From these 600 I can select the best and maybe tweak them a little with my gimp or with paintshop.

Our friends and family also send large amounts of pictures, videos and derived products. For this we thank you all!

After selecting the best of the best we’ll probably print a few albums for ourselves and for our parents. For sure you will be able to find a selection online soon, and we’ll send some of the pictures for the people who helped make this day so special for us. Rest assured, if you decide to visit us any time soon we will for sure bother you with our pictures and invite you to an emotional roller coaster ride past all the memorable events of our wedding day.
Leaving the church!

4 thoughts on “Pictures 30.10.2010

  1. Hmmmm……volgens mij heb ik net een vluchtje naar een ander land geboekt…..ik hoorde iets over een overload aan foto’s en videomateriaal waardoor er een negatief reisadvies afgegeven is richting Gran Canaria :-)

  2. I haven’t had a computer for a long time. Finally I have one again. I went to find datepad and found out it isn’t 64 bit … oh well. But, what a shock.
    Last time I was on line, I checked your blog and you were on your way to visit Zuzana in Prague. Now you are married to someone else.

    What happened?


  3. Hi Randy, basically in 6 years my life changed quite a bit. Who knows what will happen in the next 6 years…

  4. Hi Ajebe.

    You both look very happy. I’m glad you found each other. I don’t read Dutch very well, but in the last few blogs you do seem content. I went through the pictures, I remember some of them, and see you’ve been with Ana some time now: well done. I guess the world does move on. I remember downloading digital diary when I got my brand new Pentium One, all those years ago.

    Does she read Dutch yet?

    Thanks for being so consistent with your posts. When I learn to read Dutch properly this will be a great story. Do you guys still go to PinkPop?

    Good luck and God bless,


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