Honey cake

Why do people, when I say I’ll be baking a cake, directly assume it will be a space-cake… I’m not making a space-cake this time. This time I’ll be baking a honey-cake! Based on a traditional Czech recipe. :-p

Tomorrow or this weekend I’ll give my culinary abilities a nice test. I already got all the ingredients and all the equipment. All I need to do is make the connections and hopefully a delicious cake will be the result. With this cake I should probably invite my parents and brother to come by and visit, so that all future criticism about lacking cookies will be ended. ;-)

Okay, this is the recipe:

Honey Cake I

You need:
· 2 honey spoons
· 2 milk spoons
· 1 egg
· 15 dkg powdered sugar
· 5 dkg butter
· 1 soda bicarbona tea-spoon

· Mix everything together.
(My experience is that it is easier to mix everything this way – You lay a pot over another one with boiling water and mix everything in the upper one.)
· Add 50 dkg four (we call that sort of flour ‘smooth’ but I don’t know if you have different sorts of flour).
· Make a dough.
· Roll the dough with a rolling pin into 4 flat pancakes.
· Lay a baking paper onto a baking sheet and lay a pancake on a baking sheet and bake it.
· Pile all baked pancakes and ‘glue’ them together with creme (butter, powdered sugar, flour, milk)

Honey Cake II

You need:
· 350g smooth flour
· 1 egg
· 100g sugar
· 50g butter
· 2 honey spoons
· A little bit of cinnamon
· 1 soda bicarbona tea-spoon
· 1 water spoon

· Whip everything , except flour, together in a pot on a oven.
· Add flour and make a dough.
· Greese a baking tray and dust it with a little bit of flour.
· Put dough on a baking tray and make it flat with your hands.
· Bake it.
· Spread the cold pancake with a creme and leave it for a next day.
· Cut it into stripes and pile it one on another.
· Spread the surface with creme and sprinkle with chopped nuts.

How to make creme?

You need:
· 3/4 l milk
· 200g sugar
· 1 package vanilla sugar (Do you have anything like this? If not, just skip it)
· 8 flour spoons
· 1 vanilla pudding spoon
· 2 yolks
· 250g butter
· Rum (a little bit) :-))

· Mix 1/4 l milk, flour, yolks and vanilla pudding.
· Cook 1/2 l milk with sugar.
· Add mixture ad a) to hot milk ad b) and cook till it’s thick.
· Let it cool down a little bit and add butter, rum and whip it all

3 thoughts on “Honey cake

  1. Cool, ik ga ook een keer zelf cake bakken en dan nodig ik mijn ouders uit. Die durven denk ik geen hapje te nemen na de verhalen die ik ze verteld heb :) Bedankt voor de recepten in ieder geval.

  2. Jaa ik wil ook een keer honeycake maken!
    Maar is dat recept het hele recept?
    of zijn het 2 verschillende?
    want er staat honeycake 1 en honeycake 2


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