Our honeymoon

Greece!What used to be meant to be a period where you got to know your new spouse has lost all of its meaning. I already knew Ana very well after years of living together, but being newlyweds was the ideal excuse to go on a nice long vacation.

Our first plan was to go to Argentina, and we also thought about Madagascar, China, Vietnam, but in the end we ended up with Greece, the lands of myths and gods. Our choice for Greece was largely based on some insecurity about an exam date. Ana needed to complete a state exam for her job and she could not miss this exam. The date of this exam was a long time unknown and only recently we found out the exam date is the 23rd of October, a week before our wedding. Not knowing the date earlier we did not want to risk planning a far vacation and then not being able to go, so we choose the smart solution and picked a relatively close destination.

We are plaing to spend three weeks in Greece where we hope to discover the Greek culture, the Greek food and the Greek habits. Of course we’ll also enjoy the beauty of the Greek islands.

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