Becherovka!Just said my goodbyes to Zuzana. Today we went to visit Madurodam once again, and I learned that Escher was in fact a Dutch guy, we visited de pier and ate a nice herring sandwich. It was a very nice week, and Zuza told me I absolutely had to visit her in Prague before going back to work. In fact she told me I was welcome to visit as much as I wanted, and I would not even mind visiting her a few times.

I discovered I have a deep respect for the Czech way of life.Every day around one Zuzana proposed to start drinking some beer, quickly moving onwards to stronger liquors. After I told her I did not like becherovka, I was told I just licked it, and should drink some more. Strange, because I distinctly noted my throat burning. I got the advice to practice a lot more drinking beer and alcohol to be prepared to visit Prague.

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