Jenny, Lauren, Diana & Me!This Thursday Lauren, Jenny and Diana arrived. To make things easy they took a plane to Eindhoven. This resulted in a very early morning for me, and the need to drive a lot. Clearly the Americans have a different concept of distance and they cannot grasp the idea that in a small country like the Netherlands even a relatively small distance of 150 kilometers can be very far. Well, all things considered it was okay. The girls recognized me when I went to pick them up and after a trip to Leiden we directly went on to visit Amsterdam. :-p

Friday was a working day for me, but we had agreed to meet in Amsterdam in the afternoon. After my work I went to find the girls. Not easy, because my knowledge of Amsterdam is very limited, and it was difficult for the girls to give me clear directions. Eventually I did manage to find them and of course when I found them they were just visiting a coffeeshop :-p. What a surprise!

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