Almogrote!A bit of a strange tappa that I sometimes encounter in Gran Canaria is Almogrote (pronounced as: al-mo-grot-te ). This is normally a very small tappa but a very nice and tasty mixture of cheese to eat with a piece of bread or toast. In addition it is very easy to make yourself.

Almogrote contains the following ingredients:

  • A piece of old cheese (Canarian goat cheese is the preferred cheese)
  • A small tomato
  • Some red paprika powder
  • A piece of garlic
  • A little bit of olive oil
  • The old cheese should be very old cheese. Cut it into little pieces. Add all the ingredients into a mixer and mix everything until you get a semi smooth substance. It should still contain some little pieces of old cheese. Thanks to the oil you added the substance should be more of less fit to smear on a piece of toast. Only use a little bit to put on a piece of toast because the taste will be quite strong. Even a little bit of Almogrote can be used to decorate a lot of pieces of toast.

    Serve the Almogrote with toast of bread and a nice glass of (Spanish) red wine to enjoy this delicacy the best way.

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