Home again!! :-D

I have arrived. Yesterday morning a little after 4 I started my trip home after a very short night with only an hour of sleep. First I traveled from San Fransisco to New York. The flight over was a smooth ride until just before getting of the plane. During the taxiing the pilot hit a little truck and a big piece of metal got stuck right inside the left engine… This resulted in a waiting time of about an hour.

Afterwards I took a flight from New York to Amsterdam. A flawless flight without any problems checking in. I arrived with only 45 minutes of delay and found out my luggage was lost. :-(
Well, I’m happy to be home again. Even happier that I expected. My home was perfectly clean when I arrived… Nice. :-)

2 thoughts on “Home again!! :-D

  1. Weer wat om te declareren bij de verzekering (of had je je voor de vorige vlucht verzekerd en deze niet (zoals je ski-vakantie :-) ))

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