Slim Jim

I parked my car just for a second in a place where you should not park. Suddenly some Japanese guy starts talking to me telling me I need to move the car a few meters to the rear. I comply and back the car up two meters thinking that now everyone can be happy. Wrong, I exit the car and close the door. Lock it, and realize my mistake. The keys are still inside.

I was not amused.

But I was in luck. The first think I did was head over to the first person in uniform I could find. This person listens to my story and steps right on the middle of the road to stop a big truck that was passing by. The truck driver was also some official who could open my car for a mere $55. That $55 would be returned by my triple A insurance. The guy get his Slim Jim, walks over to my car and poses a second for a picture and truly, in a mere 10 seconds he opened my car.

1 thought on “Slim Jim

  1. Een grote vrachtwagen chauffeur die zijn Slim Jim tevoorschijn tovert… willen we het eigenlijk wel weten?
    En wat is een triple a? En waarom vroeg ie $55 voor het openen? Dan kun je toch beter zelf een ruit intiefen met een baksteen?

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