Oxygen (O2)

Yesterday I visited by first oxygen bar. For a mere $12 they supplied you with 15 minutes of oxygen. It was a strange experience. A little tube under your nose and four columns with colored liquid that adds an aroma to the oxygen that flows through it. Meanwhile you got massaged by all kinds of strange things. A strange spider like thing that they moved over the skin of your head and many strange apparatus to massage your back.

The enriched oxygen did seem to have an effect… When I left the oxygen bar I noticed my senses were a bit clearer and sharper than normal for about one minute. After this single minute the effect was gone.

Before leaving the oxygen bar I did buy a lucent dreams nose inhaler. It was an inhaler with a typical smell, that should cause dreams to become more lucent. The only thing I noticed was that when I wake up the next day I was unaware of any dream…. but I was also still wearing my clothes and had my contacts in my eyes.

Conclusion… the sleep effect works, but the dreams still need to arrive.

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  1. Hahaha, die zuurstofapparaten dat was eens bij kopspijkers en toen gaven ze gewoon toe dat het voor geen ene meter werkte, puur psychisch! Maar wel geinig om een keer gedaan te hebben.

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