I just returned from a great hike through the land of the Arches. I started the hike around 10:30 and around 14:00 I returned to an incredibly hot car. Now I realize why the Indians have a red skin. It was so hot and I even think that if an Indian would see me now, he would directly give me an Indian name like ‘Red Whiteskin’ or something similar.

It was quite busy in the national park, and the most common nationality I encountered was Dutch. Everywhere I heard Dutch and saw Dutch people. Thanks to some of the people I met I got a lot of good tips for the remainder of my trip. I also noticed that the Americans I encounter all get really excited because of my Yankees cap. They directly feel the need to talk about the game, the team and their history, but I really don’t know how to respond because I have never yet seen a Yankees game.

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