Colors!Sound is a very direct form of stimulation. Sound waved go directly to your mind. Images can be stopped by simply closing your eyes, but sound waves are more difficult to stop. Sometimes when I listen to music shivers run down my spine and I get a feeling of euphoria, warmth and happiness.

The euphoria I experience is comparable to the feeling you get after a heavy physical exercise. After running 10 kilometers you get the feeling that you can take on the world. Your mind feels focused and thinking becomes easy. You clearly notice that adrenaline and endorfines are pumping through your body.

Then driving my car I always have the radio turned on and sometimes I have a similar experience. A song on the radio combined with my emotions on that moment have an incredible effect. The same affect after running 10 kilometers, but so much stronger. Suddenly I have absolute confidence in the future and absolute confidence in myself. It feels like I’m flying, with light and warmth all around me. Problems, worries and insecurities disappear and my path through the future becomes clear. Difficult choices I must make become easy. On these moments it seems like all my senses are enhances and I know that everything will be okay.

Headhunterz ft Tatu – Colors

When you find that life is neither black or white
And the rain outside turns to glory
You’ll see colors

When you mark the sky and the sun comes through
Know your greatest days are ahead of you
You’ll see colors

A spark of light will seize the night
And reach beyond your vivid mind
There’s an end to your darkest day
You’ll see colors

A race of shame if we don’t evolve
Paint your dreams
Fill the sky with art
And ignite with the others
When we see colors

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