Berg chronicle

Thanks to my aunt Corry our family has documented almost 10 years of its family history. Each year family members were asked to write down the memorable events they find important from the last year and all the results were combined into a nice small document. Literally history in the making. In its current form the chronicle from 2013 will be the last one and we’ll have to see if the idea is picked up by some other family member. The Berg family is growing fast so each year the chronicle is getting bigger and implies more work to make it.

  • Bergchronicle 2013
  • Bergchronicle 2012
  • Bergchronicle 2011
  • Bergchronicle 2010
  • Bergchronicle 2009
  • Bergchronicle 2008
  • Bergchronicle 2007
  • Bergchronicle 2006
  • Bergchronicle 2005

  • I like to keep things a little easier. A few times a month I post items about my own personal history here on this blog. Recently this includes stories about my wife and son and on few occasions even about close relatives like my father, mother, brother, sister-in-law, niece and godson. I’ve been blogging for nearly 10 years so you can find a nice piece of history here as well, but much more centered around one person and therefor surely less interesting for the average person.

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