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An extensive DatePad review was posted the CFS website. DatePad was rated with 5 doves which seems to be a similar rating to all the other software on the website. The last line in the review really made my day :).

Completely free!DatePad is a date-based text storage program for date-specific text (diaries, to-do lists, project management, recording thoughts, etc).

DatePad is an excellent tool for anyone who requires date-based text storage.

We loved!

DatePad is freeware. This means you can download zipfile with the installer package of DatePad 2.1 for free. You can read more about DatePad in the documentation or read the news.

2 thoughts on “Completely free

  1. Zeker goed bezig! Lijkt me handig om op een PDA te hebben trouwens, zodat je waar en wanneer dan ook gewoon alles kan noteren.

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