DatePad 2.1

DatePad 2.1New and improved! DatePad combines the power of a calendar with the ease of a text editor. DatePad can be used in a large number of ways. It’s main function is to store text which is specific to a certain date. The new version of DatePad has a big number of improvements and supports multiple users.

DatePad is freeware. This means you can download zipfile with the installer package of the brand new DatePad 2.1 for free. Don’t forget to read more about this version in the documentation.

One thought on “DatePad 2.1

  1. I’ve been using Datepad for a while. I downloaded v2.4, and now on startup I get a runtime error 383. ‘Text’ property is read-only. Any thoughts on why this occuring? v2.3 worked well except the dates on the calendar on the lower left pane didn’t appear.


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