Next to the bed

We had quite a scare. Today Alex rolled of the bed for the first and hopefully last time. He woke up around six thirty and this normally means he won’t sleep any more. Alex likes to start his days bright and early. After cleaning his diaper and feeding his his bottle of milk he spend some time playing in our bed with his purple elephant and his little fabric donkey book. Normally he plays a little and then lies done to relax next to his mother.

Today was different and he was much more active in the morning. He was rolling around. In a very short time he role to the edge of the bed and then… boink! Ana in a panic and the little one was crying a bit because he got quite a scare. Luckily if was only a very short distance he fell from our bed onto a rug, and Alex quickly forgot all about it. As parent we did not forget so easily and we were treated to a big adrenaline shot. The days we can leave Alex in peace, doing whatever he likes seem to be coming to an end. From now on we need to pay attention and be vigilant.

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