Operation!Tomorrow is the day. Ana will enter into surgery and they will remove her gall bladder. This afternoon Ana will be admitted in the hospital and tomorrow the operation will take place. If all goes well she will be allowed to go home the day after tomorrow. Afterwards she’ll need to take it easy for about 10 days and than she should be fine again.

The time she spend with her gall bladder full of stones was at times quite painful. She had a strict diet without any fat, but whenever Ana made a mistake and ate something containing fat she suffered a painful night. After a while she managed better with her diet and started loosing about a kilo or weight a week. After the surgery she should be able to eat normally again, but she will need to avoid food that contains lots of fat.

The operation itself is not so difficult. Ana will be fully anesthetized and the will make three incisions in her stomach. One incision to pump air in, one for a little light and one for the instruments and to take out the gall bladder. If all goes well the operation itself should take about half an hour. The entire process should take about 2 hours.

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  1. Hopelijk is alles weer achter de rug en kan ze weer gaan herstellen! Sterkte allemaal!

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