Vrije vrijdag :-)

Zonnebloem!Vandaag vrij, morgen weekend, perfect weer, wat wil je nog meer…

“Looking out and I’m wondering where I am
While I’m stuck in the daily traffic jam
I decide to get out and leave the car behind me
Everywhere there are people passing by
Empty faces and not a friendly smile
Under stress, loneliness, a part of our city
Now I finally have decided
I will leave it all behind
And discover something better
And I know where I will find
Find a place of harmony,
of laughter and of dreams
If you want me, that is where I’ll be”

Uit ‘Highland – One more time’. Maar is het een band? Een genre? Vaag, er is helemaal niks te vinden over die highland muziek… nieteens een trance remix :-p

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