Absinth ritual

Absinth!Naturally I brought a bunch of souvenirs from my weekend in Prague. One of the souvenirs is a small special bottle of ‘Absinth – The Green Fairy’. Since a few days I know that you don’t just drink Absinth just like that. No! There is ritual you need to follow, and if there’s something I like it’s rituals. :-)

This is the official (Czech) Absinth ritual:
· Fill up a very small glass with 1/4 of Absinth.
· Place a special teaspoon on top of the glass, and place a little cube of sugar on top of the teaspoon.
· Poor 1/4 of Absinth over the sugar cube that is hanging above the Absinth.
· Light the sugar cube and let it burn for a while (like a minute).
· When the sugar cube starts to turn to caramel extinguish the fire and stir the sugar through the Absinth.
· Add some ice cold water to the Absinth and it is ready to drink. Enjoy!

To illustrate:
Absinth ritual!The spoon with the sugar is on top of the glass. After poring some absinth over it you simply burn the sugar… wait a little and that stir everything together. That’s it. Be careful though… there is a rumor that says you might get drunk very fast.

Nazdravje! Na zdraví!

2 thoughts on “Absinth ritual

  1. Dat is inderdaad ook de enige manier waarop je Absinth kunt drinken waarbij het nog een beetje smaakt ook!
    En spelen met vuur is natuurlijk altijd leuk. Maar ik zou het niet doen als je al een glaasje of 4 van die zooi op hebt :P

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