The blue bird

The blue bird!Finally my 5 minutes of fame have arrived… or have they? A Belgium travel agency is offering a new vacation plan. From Belgium to Holland and the return trip on a boat a nice cruise ship.

For sure it will be a nice trip, but what did I notice, for this trip the travel agency has been searching for images online, and one of the images they found is with me! In Volendam! In a typical old Volendam costume! With Cheese, Tulips and an accordion! With some Czech people! This way a typical Dutch trip gets a nice international ring to it.

De Blauwe vogel - The best of Holland!On the left you see an image (click for the big version) if the website of the Belgium travel agency. Of course there is also an online version. My picture (original: Cheese, Tulips and an accordion) is located at the bottom of the page.

1 thought on “The blue bird

  1. wowwww…..adrie het fotomodel. Ik zou ze aanklagen voor portretrecht…..hoe vindt je zoiets man….

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