Last free month

Today starts my last month as a free man because in one month I will be married. The countdown has started and it leaves me with a strange feeling about a strange ritual called matrimony. In one month I will promise to be faithful, although I already am. After this promise we are officially faithful to each other and are expected to spend the rest of our lives this way, although in recent times with some money and a lawyer it is easy to break this faith. Sill, we are confident we’ll be together for a good portion of time, enough to make a commitment.

The ritual is so important it will be celebrated by our families, friends and acquaintances. In fact there are entire industries relying on this ritual and providing every service you can think of, naturally for a good price. I send it is a strange situation what almost seems un real… a strange dream where you are working and looking forward to something for months… a big party and for what exactly? A ritual that really does not mean so much.

Still, we hope for a good party and afterwards… we’ll see. This month of freedom will undoubtedly be the same as the months to follow, so there is no need to sowing my wild oats. On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with having some good old fun.

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