Smoked sausage

Smoked sausage!It is only one month more to our wedding date. The big day is approaching fast and we can notice the stress accumulating slowly but surely. I have selected and bough a nice suit and here are just a few still quite a lot of details that need our attention. The final selection of the menu, the rings, the music, some small details like cufflinks and a belt, the little pillow for the rings, the setup of the tables for the dinner, calling friends and family to get the final confirmations, translating the plan for the day to have it available in both Spanish and Dutch, translating the menu, finding little thank-you presents, etc. etc.

It is still pretty manageable. The annoying thing it that then suddenly all plans can make a turn for the worst. I received two delicious smoked sausages!! Really fantastic of course, and in the stressful time it offers the perfect way to relax and wind down by eating a very tasty Dutch smoked sausage. Sadly it was not meant to be. Enclosed with the sausage I found some instructions stating that we had to wait before eating the sausage. Oh NOOOO! For sure there is some reason to it, and I’m curious to find out. For now I’ll attempt to not eat the sausage.

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  1. Tja, de rookworsten zijn nog maar het topje van de ijs’berg’…..leuke metafoor trouwens :-)

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