Android!Times are changing fast. Mobile phones are turning into small computers, and computers are turning into access points to access the internet. The internet seems to be the place where everything is happening.

In the past you used to work with your software on your own pc, now slowly everything is moving online, where your data and programs can be accessed where-ever, when-ever and how-ever you like, using a pc, a phone, a pad, or what-ever else. A similar trend is visible in hardware. In the past you needed special equipment for a lot of functions.

  • To make a call (phone),
  • for giving driving directions (tomtom or other navigation system),
  • for reading digital books (e-reader),
  • to wake you up in the morning (alarm clock),
  • to play a game (nintendo ds, sega dreamcast, sony playstation, microsoft xbox, etc.),
  • for knowing the time (watch),
  • for knowing your location (global positioning system (gps) or compass)
  • etc.

All these functions are now more and more available online, and you only need to select the size and setup of a single machine to access these functions. This is a great improvement in flexibility for working with and enjoying or consuming ‘information’.

This change affects all of us, and it will effect us even more in the future. People are changing fast, and their needs for data and connectivity are changing with them.

I have started developing for Android, with the recently launched appinventor by Google. It is strange to see that technology is getting more and more complex but for developers things are getting much more simple (although also a bit less flexible). The appinventor is an easy way to construct an application for an Android mobile phone. All the development is done online, and if you want you can download the result to your PC. This means I can start work on one PC and continue on another one, without the need to install anything.

Although there are still some inconveniences I think this is a real step ahead. One of the next steps hopefully will include much better interoperability, where an app created for Android can just as easily be used on a different phone or a PC, or embedded in a website. Soon I hope to publish my first app here, on

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