Catching crab

Catching crab!We just returned from a nice trip. First we went to the local decathlon shop where they had a nice offer on fishing rods. 10 euros for a set including all things required to catch a fish and because a fan of fishing is visiting us at the moment we bought a couple of fishing rods and went crab fishing. It was a lot of fun and the result was pretty stunning. We caught 8 big crabs which we of course ate.

To catch a crab there are some tricks we used. First you need to dangle a piece of bate right before the crabs nose. We used a little piece of snail as bait. When the crab took the bait we quickly moved the line a few times around the crab so it would get tangled up a bit. Afterwards just lift the crab and it was easy to catch. Once you have the crab in the air, take it by the back and carefully untangle the fishing line. Be careful of the crabs claws because for such a small animal the claws can hurt quite a bit.

A nice crab recipe: Make a sauce by backing some garlic and some tomatoes in hot oil. Kook the crabs until they reach a nice red color. Throw away the water and cut the crabs in half. Throw the crabs into the sauce and leave them to simmer for a while. Make a big pan of spaghetti. Take the crab halves from the sauce and serve the crabs separately. Mix the sauce with the spaghetti and enjoy your meal.

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