Behind me

After two weeks celebrating in London, Amsterdam, The Hague, Noordwijkerhout and one night in Madrid we find ourselves once again in Las Palmas. The holidays were very nice which was underlined by the fact that I did not think about my work even once. We enjoyed a lot seeing (almost) all our friends and family again.

Our first stop over was London. We spend four days in the center of London in a nice hotel and of course we visited all the highlights of the city. Big Ben, Parliament, Tower bridge, the changing of the guards, a ride in the London Eye and naturally I drank a good amount of pints.

Afterwards we visited Holland and we were surprised by a very fast growing Annabel and an even faster growing Lucas. We also briefly met up with parents, friends and family.

Today the holidays are clearly over, and I had to go to work once again. At work I found my desk covered in Spanish decorations. Clearly the Spaniards had beaten the Dutch in a football match and the Spanish emotion about this match was vented at my desk. Que fuerte!

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