Still live toilet roll!Thanks to Make, a website on things you can make yourself I have discovered a fun new use for empty toilet rolls. The idea is truly brilliant and it is very easy and fun to do yourself. A still life inside a toilet roll, so that really makes it a ‘still-roll’.

The process is as follows. First you need an empty toilet roll and use it to draw a number of circles the size of the roll on a piece of paper. Inside the circles you draw the various parts/images that you want to place inside the roll. Now you need to cut the figures from the paper leaving an extra piece of paper on the bottom of each figure used to tape the figure to the inside of the roll. Sticking the figures to the inside of the roll can be a bit tricky but you should manage. You now have a nice artistic toilet roll with scenery!

There are a lot more things you can make using toilet rolls, like these tree-like structures.

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