Corn!Last Sunday I went to Nijmegen to run a preparation round of about 13 kilometers. This was my preparation for the 7 hill run. While I was running I noticed that there were a lot of fields with corn growing right next to the public roads. There was nothing blocking access to the corn. I could not restrain myself and I did a bad thing. Right before finishing our practice run I stole a corncob.

Yesterday evening I planned to eat by stolen corncob, but after cooking it for over 2 hours in boiling water I realized I had made a mistake. I now know I will never again steal any corn. Even with a lot of salt added the corn was not fit for consumption. I did not have any butter at home, which maybe would have helped, or maybe the corn needed to cook for three hours instead of only two, but the result remained uneatable. Next time I will stick to canned corn.

2 thoughts on “Corncob

  1. Jij weet nu dus ook wat koeienmais is :)
    En waarom ze onbeschermd langs de weg staan :D

  2. Inderdaad Adrie… grote mensen mais moet je bij de groentenboer kopen!!! En dan is 15 a 20 minuten koken genoeg.
    Overigens… heb erg genoten van je reisverhalen.

    Uw ex-collega

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