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Reviews of DatePad are often just a set of texts taken from my website, or a suggestion a made myself. At they made a real review.

: Calendar, Explorer and Notepad – Combined

What are we going to get when we combine a calendar with a notepad? – Let’s dream it up. With a tool of this kind, we could take notes about something taking place on a certain date, something we saw, heard or thought about on a that date – everything – and keep that for ourselves or share it with others, just like with an online blog. Someone’s wedding or birthday party, family meetings, taking an outdoor trip or spending a vacation at a sea – all that can be memorized in details, without leaving any thing out.

The power of a calendar with the ease of a text editor has been combined in the DatePad application. As the name suggests, the author’s idea was to enable us to store texts specific to certain dates or times. Simple and easy to operate, it can be used in a surprisingly large number of ways: diaries, to-do lists, project management, recording events, thoughts, and so on.

The application window with its menu and toolbar looks simple and intuitive, in some way similar to Windows Explorer. The folders pane at the left is replaced with the tree-like calendar where you can choose the year, month, date and events that happened on that date. Clicking on a date, time or event opens the text note associated with it, which you can read, append or edit right there in the “explorer”. You can enrich your text by adding style, colors and even small pictures to it. You can save certain memos to files, print them or load chunks of your texts from files. Besides just editing, you can go around dates and times and create alarms and notifications for upcoming future events.

DatePad makes it really hard to forget anything – whatsoever you see, hear or get involved in can be put on file and saved for the future or shared with others. Amazing, how much fun can such a tiny application
bring in.

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  1. Thanks so much for the freeware. Is it possible for the software to track the hours spent on a daily basis and have them added weekly or monthly (similar to a spreadsheet calculation)?

  2. Hi

    I really appreciate datepad, but development on it seems to have stopped? I would love to see it usable in 64bit windows 7! Another minor thing is searching seems to find only the first occurance.

    Any plans for an update?

    best regards,

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