Alan used to have a little crab as a pet. He kept it in his room in a nice crab environment with crab toys, water, plants, and some dirt so she could dig a nice hole. Sadly she kept getting older and older, and when we returned from our last trip she had passed away. To bad. Alan was in favor of getting a new pet, en we started to investigate. A walking stick seemed like a good idea, or maybe a new crab. Maybe even a hamster. The crab was nice but it spend most of its life inside its little hole in the ground. Only to come out to quickly get some food. The care for the little animal was also quickly allocated with Alan’s dad. That needed to change.

Searching for a new animal I also passed for a toy store. I hoped to find maybe a robotic fish, or something similar. Then I noticed the tamagotchi eggs. Maybe this could be interesting. The technology is from the last century, but if it’s fun, it’s fun. For Alan is was the perfect gift. He was so happy. His thoughts of any live animal disappeared immediately, as he started feeding and training the little digital animal. The animal also had a small game, and could be disciplined. The best part was that Alan could take it wherever he went. A great gift for sure.

Evaluate – 2023 nearing the end

It seems the end of the year is a perfect time to reconnect to the past. I like these last weeks of the year, where the upcoming end/beginning allows for a review of a fixed period. One year where we did lots of things, we experienced lots of now things, and we have all grown. Recalling the best parts of the year is uplifting. Even the sad parts add value trough the experiences and personal growth they made possible.
Looking back to the last years events is fun, but looking back over much more years is even more fun. Memories of nearly 48 years, most of which are good memories fill me with happiness. Seeing my sons grow up so fast is like helping them build their own memories, which hopefully will turn out to be good memories.

The year is almost over. 2023 went by like an arrow. Still a lot took place and we all learned a lot and we did a lot. Disneyland!, Paris, Torrevieja, Headball, Noordwijkerhout, Walking the wad, Avifauna, Smoked eel, Bitterballs, Soccer (Alan plays with ‘Fomento’), Soccer GC – Getafe: 2 – 0 win, La Laja, Burrito, Roque Nublo, Alex visited Barcelona with his godfather Miguel, Routes across the island, Climbing, Visit Miguel, Visit Nel, Visit Bert Sally Annabel Jack, Visit family Ana. We closed the year with rasca’s, lego, new bikes, and a visit to an all-in hotel in the south.

The kids have grown tremendously, their school results are near perfect, thanks to quite a bit of support from their mother. I lost a few kilos, and I try to run twice a week, when I can. We wish everyone a great 2024!
Family christmas 2023